The journey of my college started and I found out two similar faces one was my friend from school and another my friend from coaching(MOHIT AND ANUSHREE) in our induction day programme I met a boy.  I don’t know why I didn’t talked to him for the first two days but on the third day we had our interactive session that so call the tingle mingle, I finally spoke to him for the first time it was weird  though and the conversation was… NO!! I should call it a dialogue so it went like this nice dance Mr. Talented and then I see a nasty face, i don’t whether it was nasty or full of pride, I don’t know it, was so confusing and the words were his  it’s Harsh Jha , I can see him moving away in a hurry and that’s it. this was our first meet and greet.

It haven’t being a long time being with him but it feels like I’m with him for many years. Usually we ask each other why you didn’t came in my life earlier? And the answer is if we had met earlier in our lifes may be we have not been valued each other.

Now you people are thinking why am I writing all these things? Things which are not even related to the title. So let me tell you all that what actually SUNSHINE means to me and why I wrote the above paragraphs.

Sunshine means a new beginning, new affirmative day, a new utopia and now if I talk about a person who is sunshine to me is my BEST FRIEND.

Yes my best friend is sunshine to me because the day he entered my life he changed many things. He’s like blessing to me, he not only enlighten my life but also gave me direction to live.

Like every best friend we too enjoy each other’s company, we make jokes, we insult each other . We do  pillow fights, we hit and pinch each other but with all these things one best thing we do is to encourage each other at every point of time. Whether it is the most vulnerable situation or the most jaunty one, he’s there with me all time. Sometimes he is like a wake up call to me, tells me to do those things which are my very own priority. We are not childhood friends we became friends in college, as I wrote in the above paragraphs but now we became friends forever and ever. And now situations are very different. Like when sun rises we have a sparkling, charming and aesthetic smiles verisimilar when i talk to him I have that one smile. People talk and dress down our friendship but our trust and faith for each other strengthen our bond each time. Whenever I feel depressed he comes out like a auroral ray of sun light which gives me the right direction.

And he’s the only reason I’m writing this blog, if he was not there as  strong pillar and  given me the idea of writing, I’ll wound have never been here initiating this blog.